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Welcome to Amplify Chiropractic, located in beautiful Littleton, CO. At Amplify Chiropractic, we know that the rise in sedentary jobs is riddling people with aches and pains. That's why our Littleton chiropractors provide holistic, customized care to correct these health issues at the source. This leaves you feeling like a million bucks so you can enjoy life now while setting yourself up for a healthy future. We decided to become chiropractors in Littleton because we felt strongly about the need this community has for true healthcare solutions.

Being tucked up against the mountains, we realized this is a community that loves to get out on the weekends to hike, bike, & enjoy the 300+ days of sunshine. An active lifestyle like this can take a serious toll on the body over time, if not managed properly. So we knew there was a great opportunity here to keep the heartbeat of this community alive for years to come. That's when we decided it was time to become a Littleton Chiropractor. Fast forward 3 years & we have already been awarded "Best Chiropractor in Littleton" (2020 & 2021 Colorado Community Media) as well as "Best Chiropractor in Denver" (2020 Denver A-List)!

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What Makes Amplify Chiropractic Different From Other “Chiropractors Near Me”?

The primary factor that sets us apart from other chiropractic clinics in Littleton is the quality of our care. First, we use digital postural & motion x-rays to identify any problem areas in the spine. Second, we use infrared paraspinal thermography to show progress on a visit-to-visit basis with all of our patients. Lastly, our adjustments don't involve any of the twistings, popping, or cracking that is often found at traditional chiropractic clinics. A safe, effective treatment that produces amazing results that you can feel AND see with your own two eyes.

Start with us today by scheduling your initial appointment here on our website. At that first visit, we will do a consultation to learn more about your health history & goals, an examination to identify any issues, & if necessary, we will take postural & motion x-rays of the spine to get a deeper look at any problem areas. It all starts with taking the first step & booking your appointment here.

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Misconceptions About Chiropractic Care

One of the most common misconceptions people in Littleton have about chiropractic is that it involves twisting or cracking the neck. Unfortunately, this creates a lot of fear in people who don't like the idea of getting their neck popped. While some of the traditional forms of chiropractic do work that way, there are many different types of chiropractic care. At Amplify Chiropractic, we are 1 of only 50 clinics across the country that specialize in the Pierce Results System - a technique that produces dramatic results without any twisting or cracking of the spine. Our cutting edge technology enables you to SEE the results of your care, not just feel them. We recommend care plans to not just provide you with temporary relief, but long-term CORRECTION.

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